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      Finding Peace of Mind

Many people seek counseling when things unexpectedly change, and others when they are no longer willing to tolerate their current situation. Everyone has talents that can be built upon to help them work through difficult times.  The key to finding peace lies within ourselves ... in our strengths.  


The big payoff of utilizing a strengths-based approach is that it enables clients not only to overcome their current challenges, but to manage a variety of problems down the road.   Some people experience long-term anxiety, depression, or just feel stressed out.  Strengths-based counseling is also very effective in helping people navigate painful transitions such as divorce, job loss, or grief.  


Strengths-based techniques develop a person's own 

inner resources to respond more effectively to problem solving, stress, pain, and illness.  There is a strong body of evidence to support the efficacy of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction as well as Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Strengths-based techniques may include changing thought patterns, learning new coping strategies, and finding healthy ways to relax.  Peace of mind is priceless.   



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