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Whether you're facing an important decision, wondering how to respond to a new stressor, or struggling with longterm issues, I can provide an unbiased opinion as well as practical tools and skills to help. 


Using openness, respect and humor in a relaxed setting, I tailor my approach to fit each individual client and utilize techniques that not only have a lot of evidence to show they really work, but also develop clients' own inner resources. This helps people not only to overcome current challenges but also to handle problems down the road.  Having a go-to skillset significantly reduces anxiety and increases feelings of worth as an individual. 

While many counselors are trained to be rather hidden and neutral, I try to speak openly from my heart. I'm a real person who sincerely wants to help. My clients have told me that my genuine and non-judgmental style helps them feel relaxed and secure. I'm passionate about helping you overcome obstacles that get in the way of living your life to the fullest.  


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